Generalnie dziś o biżu ..., bo wczoraj, gdy robiłam kolejne zamówienia, tak sobie pomyślałam....Preferuję zdecydowanie okazałe, wielkie egzemplarze, takie jak te, które zrobiłam z sercem, z żyrafką, dziewczynką i lubię jak widać biżu z daleka :D:D:D ....

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"Overall, it's good news," French said, with a fax buzzing in the background. Clay could see him pacing up and down in his Gulf-stream as it waited on the ramp in Beaumont Lunettes Pas Cher Louboutin Homme. "I'll keep you posted." And he was gone.
Chapter 22
REX CRITTLE WANTED TO SCOLD, TO BE reassured, to lecture, to educate, but his client sitting across the desk seemed completely unshaken by the figures.
"Your firm is six months old," Crittle said, peering over his reading glasses with a pile of reports in front of him. The evidence! He had the proof that the boutique firm of the Law Offices of J. Clay Carter II was in fact being run by idiots. "Your overhead began at an impressive seventy-five thousand a month—three lawyers, one paralegal, a secretary, serious rent, nice digs Isabel Marant Shoes. Now it's a half a million bucks a month, and growing every day."


Clay knocked back the wine and got himself loosened up Lunettes De Soleil Pas Cher. It was a red burgundy. Patton French would've been proud. If only his mass tort buddies could see him now, sitting across from this Barbie Doll.
The only negative was the nasty rumor. Surely she couldn't go for women. She was too perfect, too exquisite, too appealing to the opposite sex Lunettes Chanel. She was destined to be a trophy wife! But there was something about her that kept him suspicious Christian Louboutin Soldes. Once the initial shock of her looks wore off, and that took at least two hours and one bottle of wine, Clay realized he wasn't getting past the surface. Either there wasn't much depth, or it was carefully protected.